Phonak POWER 2-R (RIGHT) Receiver - Speaker for Audeo S, Smart, Yes, Naida CRT and other Receiver in the Ear RIC products (2xP = RIGHT SIDE SIZE 2)

NEW 1-pack RECEIVER-SPEAKER by Phonak. Fits RIC (Receiver-In-Canal) hearing aids made by Phonak and Unitron in the last seven years including the Audeo, Yes, Naida CRT, and all other Unitron and Phonak RIC hearing aids. These are the newest model curved receivers. Over time, these receiver/speakers can become impacted with wax and need to be replaced. If you have any doubt, please consult a licensed hearing aid professional as these speakers are not refundable. Thank you for your patronage.
  • New POWER Receiver - Speakers for Phonak Hearing Aids. (2xP = RIGHT SIDE SIZE 2)
  • he size is printed on the tiny end; we recommend using a loupe and bright light to determine the correct type and size.
  • Key Feature: Original Phonak product
  • Please review the Product Description before ordering, and contact us if you need assistance with ordering the proper size.
  • Remember that RED is for right and BLUE is for left.

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I used this vendor for my hearing aid batteries.The price was half of what my hearing aid place wanted.

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Found this seller on Google and have been delighted with way they do business. Questions answered immediately.

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