Hearing Aid Batteries

Here at Local Battery we carry a wide range of hearing aid batteries from all the industry leaders - including Rayovac, PowerOne, Duracell, iCellTech, and more - all at great prices. Don’t shop with a competitor for the same brands when you can save here! 

Identifying the Size of Your Hearing Aid Batteries
Luckily for us, hearing aid manufacturers typically color code their hearing aid batteries, making it easier to tell those tricky little things apart. Most disposablebatteries come in one of four battery sizes, which can be easily identified by the color of the tab that protects the fuel cell. They are, in ascending order:

-       Size 10: Yellow tab, 5.8x3.6mm
-       Size 312: Brown tab, 7.9x3.6mm
-       Size 13: Orange tab, 7.9x5.4mm
-       Size 675: Blue tab, 11.6x5.4mm 

Even if the tab has been removed, such as in the case of a dead battery that you’ve removed from the compartment of your hearing aid, you may still be able to identify the size with a ruler - but some are so small it can be tough. You can also contact us at sales@localbattery.com for more information. 

Leave the Tab in Place: And Other Tips for Care and Handling
Those little colored tabs don’t just provide easy ID. They also protect the fuel cell of the battery. Leave them in place until you’re ready to install your batteries! Here are some other tips for handling and care. 

-       Use your oldest hearing aid batteries first.
-       Wash your hands before handling them, as moisture and oils can cause corrosion and shorten battery life.
-       After removing the tab, allow the batteries to “breathe” for a few minutes. Since most hearing aid batteries are air-activated, letting them “warm up” before being installed can be beneficial.
-       Don’t store your batteries in the fridge or freezer, as this can expose them to moisture that can damage them! Simply store them in a cool, dry place. You can store batteries at room temperature, as long as it’s dry. 

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