Signia Extra Small Click Sleeves for RIC, Silks & Rexton. (XS Closed) 6 Sleeves

Signia Extra Small Click Sleeves for RIC, Silks & Rexton. (XS Closed) 6 Sleeves

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One click and it fits. The exchangeable Click Sleeves are easily clicked into place. Made from super-soft silicone, they are available in four different sizes that fit in almost every ear canal for a simple, quick and swift fitting. The ready-made hearing instrument is placed inside the click sleeve using the Signia click connection system as is in use with RIC instruments. 

The click sleeves are composed of two functional regions. A fully flexible portion for maximizing canal shape adaptability, retention, and acoustic sealing. A second semi-flexible portion helps with placement in the ear canal. Given that the hearing instrument is smaller than the sleeve, the vent flow is then guided through the inside of the sleeve. 

This completely-in-the-canal system is achieved with a non-invasive miniaturized instrument and a set of soft sleeves. By utilizing only ready-made parts, difficulties from impression taking and hard shell manufacturing are avoided. The mechanical tasks of ear canal coupling to achieve comfort, and retention depending on the hearing loss fall on the soft earpiece alone.

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