Signia Quickguard (Pack of 8 Wax Guards)

Signia Quickguard (Pack of 8 Wax Guards)


One pack containing 8 QuickGuard wax guards. Each wax guard is pre-mounted on a stick for easy exchange. Used on Signia custom products and Signia custom made receiver-in-ear moulds. Can also be used on hearing aids previously using HF4 or HF4 Pro wax guards.

The Signia Quickguard offers great protection from wax and water with a nanocoating that has been applied to the QuickGuard. Please note the Signia QuickGuard replaces the HF4 and HF4Pro wax guard systems. These frequently asked questions may be helpful for previous HF4 / HF4 Pro users:

1.Is the QuickGuard side-specific like the HF4 and HF4 Pro? No, the QuickGuard can be used on both the right and left hearing device (they are now a neutral colour rather than red (right) and blue (left).

2.If I have an HF4 wax guard in my current custom product, will I be able to use the new QuickGuard solution to remove the old wax guard? Yes, the QuickGuard application stick is backwards compatible.

3.Will there be a change in the performance of the new QuickGuard solution compared to the HF4 and HF4 Pro? No, the acoustic characteristics of the QuickGuard are the same as the HF4 and HF4 Pro with the added benefit of the nano-coating.



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