Rayovac Proline Advanced Size 10 Hearing Aid Batteries (48 Batteries)


These are the top of the line batteries from Rayovac, with up to a 4 year shelf life and guaranteed freshness. Rayovac Proline are only sold through Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dispensers. According to Rayovac, Proline Advanced are the longest lasting battery and Rayovac is a leader in hearing technologies! Rayovac uses digital imaging and 104 quality checks to test every battery so we can ensure you receive a powerful consistent battery every time.

Please note that Size 10A and 10 are exactly the same and fully compatible. 

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I used this vendor for my hearing aid batteries.The price was half of what my hearing aid place wanted.

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Very professional. I had a question about my order and I received an immediate response.

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Found this seller on Google and have been delighted with way they do business. Questions answered immediately.

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