Hearing Aid Batteries & Accessories

Hearing aid batteries are tiny and can be very confusing to work with. It’s customary for them to come with color-coded tabs so that you don’t get them mixed up, but mistakes still happen.

Shop with Local Battery and make sure you have the correct size hearing aid batteries on hand when you need them, whether you need size 13 hearing aid batteries or the ever-popular size 312s. We carry a wide range of zinc-air and rechargeable batteries in a number of sizes, along with a large collection of cleaning and other accessories - all at great prices.

Customer testimonials

I used this vendor for my hearing aid batteries.The price was half of what my hearing aid place wanted.

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Very professional. I had a question about my order and I received an immediate response.

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Found this seller on Google and have been delighted with way they do business. Questions answered immediately.

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