Identifying Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries Storage, Care, and Getting Your Money’s Worth

Aug 31st 2021

One day, you pop your hearing aids in, only to realize that the batteries are either on the way out or fully dead. Hopefully, you’re ahead of the curve and prepared with replacement batteries. If not, you’ll need to take out the batteries, identify them, and get spares before you can enjoy the use of your hearing aids again.

If you have no spares, then you’re going to need to take out the hearing aid batteries. Once you remove them from the battery compartment, check them for any markings. Some small electronic batteries are stamped with identifiers, but admittedly these are very difficult to see and the batteries themselves are very small.

You can also measure the batteries to identify them since once a battery has been installed it will be without the colored tab that usually helps with identification. If you suspect that your hearing aids take size 312 hearing aid batteries, and you’re able to measure them, try to do so. Size 312 hearing aid batteries have dimensions of 7.9mm by 3.6mm. The only problem here is that they are really small, and you can’t just measure their diameter because size 13 hearing aid batteries are also 7.9mm wide.

If you’re dealing with a battery whose marks you can read, and need to be sure that you’re getting the right batteries, you may be able to reach out to the hearing aid manufacturer for assistance. Contact the manufacturer, let them know which model you’re using, and they can help point you in the right direction for batteries.

Once you figure out what type of hearing aid batteries you need, make sure you stock up on spares, which you will be able to easily identify by their colored, protective tabs. This is how most people identify hearing aid batteries - and size 312 hearing aid batteries, some of the smallest of them all, have brown plastic tabs that can be used to identify them.

Once you’ve identified the type of hearing aid batteries you need and picked up some spares, follow some of these good practices to protect and extend battery life and the performance of your hearing aids.

Store Your Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries Properly

The first way to prevent headaches associated with hearing aid batteries dying before their team is to store your hearing aid batteries properly, and to handle them properly as well. The most important thing you can do is protect your size 312 hearing aid batteries from moisture, which can cause corrosion and significantly adversely affect the life of your batteries.

Some people store their batteries in the fridge or freezer because they think that the cold temperature extends the battery lifespans, but really it is moisture and not the temperature that affects this. Unfortunately, storing your hearing aid batteries in the fridge or freezer can actually expose them to moisture, so it’s really just a good idea to keep them somewhere dry. Don’t worry about the temperature too much.

While properly stored size 312 hearing aid batteries will last for a few years, you should mark on the packages which ones you’ve purchased first. That way, you can easily use the oldest first, which will ensure that you don’t have too many lying around and getting older.

When you handle hearing aid batteries - size 312 or otherwise - do so only with clean hands, as the oils and moisture on your skin can negatively affect battery life and performance. Leave the colored tabs in place until you are ready to use them, and let the batteries breathe for a few minutes before you install them.

Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean and Dry

Another good practice for you to follow is to keep your hearing aids clean and dry and to replace the wax guards, domes, and hearing aid tubing from time to time.

One of the best investments you can make to preserve both your hearing aids themselves as well as their batteries is a hearing aid dryer or dehumidifiers. Storing your hearing aids in a dehumidifier on a nightly basis will keep them dry and help prevent corrosion that can damage your hearing aids and adversely affect their battery lifespans.

It’s also a good idea to change your hearing aid tubing every few months or about twice per year. You should also change your hearing aid domes every other month or so, and your wax guards every month, or more, as needed. These little parts and pieces will help protect your hearing aids from moisture, oils, and salts.

Observing these best practices will not only preserve the performance of your hearing aids but keeping them clean and dry will positively affect battery lifespan as well.

Invest in a Hearing Aid Battery Tester

Finally, it may be worth your while to invest in a hearing aid battery tester. While you can solve a lot of potential issues by following the “first in, first out” process described above, a hearing aid battery tester can clear up any doubts.

They’re small, convenient, affordable, and even easy to use, and can give you an instant impression of whether or not your hearing aid batteries have a lot of life left. For a few dollars, you can remove any guesswork from the process.

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