3 Benefits of Keeping Extra Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries

Aug 14th 2021

With such an important investment as a hearing aid, we must be sure to be responsible and maintain it properly to ensure the quality of performance as well as its life span. The way that your hearing aid performs is directly affected by the way that you treat it, so it is only in your best interest to maintain your device well. That includes replacing any parts that have run their course. Hearing aids have several components that must be replaced regularly, so once you notice a change in the quality of those pieces or that enough time has passed, you will want to go ahead and replace them. Keeping new, well-functioning components in your device will help it to work as it was designed to and keep sound clear for you. In order to keep up with replacing these various components, you will want to have enough backup pieces to regularly swap them out. The batteries, in particular, need to be replaced often and certainly warrant you keeping backups at all times. If you rely on Duracell hearing aid batteries for your device, you certainly have much to gain from keeping a few extras.

When to Change Your Batteries

Before we go on to discuss some of the benefits of keeping extra Duracell hearing aid batteries, we should first lay out some general information here. This should help to provide some context for you to keep in mind as we discuss. The main reason why people feel the need to keep backup hearing aid batteries is because they go through them so quickly. Unlike hearing aid domes or molds, which can last for a few months before being replaced, batteries can only last up to a few days at best. Even Duracell batteries, which are known for longevity and dependability, can only last so long. You will have to go through more batteries in a given amount of time than any other component of your hearing aids. This means that you will always need to have more hearing aid batteries on hand than any other part. To manage this, we at Local Battery always advise hearing aid users keep a few more batteries than they think they might need, just in case. With this context set, let’s move on and discuss some of the specific benefits you receive from keeping extra Duracell hearing aid batteries at all times.

1. Quick Replacements

Having extra hearing aid batteries means that you will be able to replace your batteries exactly when you need to with no waiting period. If you have your batteries when you need them, you can easily reach into a new pack and replace the batteries when you notice they are losing power. It is much more convenient and comfortable for you since you will not have to continue using your dying batteries until you can purchase a new pack. You can replace the batteries on your own time, so if you feel like they are near the end of their time, but can last a bit longer, you can keep them comfortably until you are ready to replace them. All the while, knowing that you have batteries waiting to be used next, so there is no concern over when the ones you are using will expire.

2. Holds You Over

A major benefit to storing extra batteries is that they will be able to hold you over for a good amount of time in between purchases. You will not have to worry about constantly rushing out to buy a new pack of batteries. Just keep an extra pack or two at home and you should be fine for a while. Since these are items you know you will get around to using, they are a safe bet for purchasing multiples of at a time. It is just the more convenient option for you.

3. Convenient to Store

Hearing aid batteries are incredibly easy to hold onto for an extended period of time, which makes them ideal for storing in bulk. They are fairly small and compact in their packaging, so they occupy very little space, making it easy to leave them in a small drawer or container with your other hearing aid components. If left alone in their packaging, Duracell hearing aid batteries can last several years without expiring, so you do not have to worry about leaving a pack unopened for a few months until you get to it. All of this just makes batteries easy and convenient to store as a backup supply.

With all this being said, the next time you need to place an order for Duracell hearing aid batteries, you might want to purchase an extra pack or two just to be on the safe side. We keep an assortment of the different types of Duracell batteries you might need here at Local Battery, so you will be able to find your exact match easily.

Of course, if you have questions about replacing your hearing aid batteries or which type you should use, please reach out to us through email at sales@localbattery.com. We would be more than happy to help you with any concerns you might have.

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