(2-pack) Slim Tube refill screw-ON type hearing aid replacement tubesPhonak (C2B-L SIZE 2 LEFT)

NEW (2-pack) Slim Tube refill screw-On type replacement tubes for Phonak hearing aids. Fits the following OpenFit hearing aids: Phonak Certena Art M, Phonak Certena Art P, Phonak Certena Art SP, Phonak Exelia Art M, Phonak Exelia Art P, Phonak Exelia Art SP, Phonak Exelia P, Phonak Naida V SP, Phonak Savia 111 dSZ, Phonak Versata M, Phonak Versata Art M, Phonak Versata Art P, Phonak Versata Art SP.

Phonak recommends these original equipment manufacturer replacement parts to keep you hearing aids in top working condition.

Please confirm tube length before ordering as these tubes are non-refundable and not exchangeable due to hygiene reasons. The size is printed on the small end of the tube where the dome is placed; remember that red is for right and blue is for left.

We only ship original manufacturer parts. Thank you for your patronage!
  • Phonak recommends these, their original replacement parts
  • These tubes fit Certena, Excelia, Savia, Versata, and Naida Open Fit Hearing Aids.
  • Audiologists recommend changing these hearing aid tubes every 6 months.
  • The size is printed on the tiny end; we recommend using a loupe and bright light to determine the correct type and size.
  • Please review the Product Description before ordering, and contact us if you need assistance with ordering the proper size Slim Tube.

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