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Siemens Mini-Tek Bluetooth Device

Siemens Mini-Tek Bluetooth Device
Siemens Mini-Tek Bluetooth Device
Item# MiniTek
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Product Description

Remote Control: functions as full featured remote for your compatible Siemens wireless hearing aid

Bluetooth Streamer: connects to your Bluetooth enabled cell phones and devices

Line-In Input: connect your music player to listen through your hearing aids Direct Audio Input (DAI) plug for FM receivers

TV/Stereo transmitter included - sends audio from your TV or stereo right to your hearing aid, in rich stereo sound

Siemens miniTek is an all-in-one Bluetooth enabled device that functions as a remote control and audio streamer, packaged in a sleek, hi tech package. Compatible with many Siemens wireless enabled hearing instruments, the miniTek is your link to the richest listening experience possible.

Features: - Remote Control: allows you to control your hearing instrument volume, as well as selecting preset programs

Bluetooth Streamer: connects to Bluetooth enabled cell phones, allowing you to take and place calls directly through miniTek

Connect your audio device with your hearing instrument

Includes 1 transmitter, allowing connection to analog audio output of your television or receiver.

Connects up to 2 transmitters simultaneously, with optional extra transmitter Please note: the miniTek must be programmed with your existing compatible hearing instrument by your local hearing professional. The miniTek WILL NOT function until it is paired with your hearing instruments. Programming is not included.

Before ordering, please check with your hearing professional to make sure the miniTek is compatible with your Siemens hearing instrument.

Please note, Mini-Tek is compatible with most wireless enabled devices, including the Micon, Pure, Carat lines, but is not compatible with Binax line of hearing aids.