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Order 14291

Rating: Excellent Comments:

I used this vendor for my hearing aid batteries.The price was half of what my hearing aid place wanted. They were shipped via U.S. Mail (free) and were in my mail box in about 4 days. What more can you ask. The ordering process was a piece of cake. I didnt need any customer service so that gor no rating.

Order: 14210

Rating: Excellent Comments:

Very professional. I had a question about my order and I received an immediate response. I am very satisfied with localbattery.com and will continue to purchase hearing aid batteries from them. Excellent prices and fast shipping. This was my first order, and plan to use them exclusively for a very long time to come.

Order: 10260

Rating: Excellent Comments: Found this seller on Google and have been delighted with way they do business. Questions answered immediately. Hearing aid batteries last longer than top branded/ prices are the best Ive found. Made initial small order which was excellent by all measures, then ordered approx one years supply of batteries for $.25/each. All this plus free shipping! Have told many of my friends about localbattery.com

Order: 1095

Rating: Excellent Comments: The vendor delivered exactly what was ordered. I have tried several of the batteries and they work great. Shipment was quick. With the low price, free shipping, dependable delivery and good quality you cant find a better supplier.

Order: 940

Rating: Excellent Comments: If you looked in the dictionary under superb you would find these people

Order: 911

Rating: Excellent Comments: Without a doubt the best shopping experience I have had on the internet.

Order: 872

Rating: Excellent Comments:

Localbattery.com had the TV Ears I was looking for at the best price with free shipping.

Order: 809

Rating: Excellent Comments: Good transaction in every way. Ill be back. Thanks!

Order: 691

Rating: Excellent. Comments: Excelent service and price. Fast shipping.

Order: 686

Rating: Excellent. Comments: This company was extremely great, I thought I had sent in an order, and I wrote and ask the, and they replied promptly that I did not. So I think placed the order for batterys and with in a week I had them. As far as the price is concerned, it was the cheapest and BEST bargin on the internet. And the shippping was free. I shall always be ordering my hearing aid betterys from them. Thank you.

Order: 677


Order: 673

Rating: Excellent. Comments: Merchandise is as advertized, was delivered on time at a great price!

Order: 645

Rating: Excellent. Comments: This is by far the best service that Ive had on any internet order. The price was good, and I received the merchandise in three days. As you can note, I am very well pleased. Thank you

Order: 597

Rating: Excellent Comments: I ordered, I paid, They shipped everything as promised. Could not ask for better service, and product is not only very good, but priced excellently.

Order: 587

Rating: Excellent. Comments: Absolutely wonderful, best price and we got them in 2 days.. in the Christmas mailing season too. wow

Order: 573

Rating: Excellent. Comments: The product is excellent. The service is excellent. This is my second purchase and I will purchase from them again.

Order: 544

Rating: Excellent. Comments: It was a pleasure to have such fine service. I intend to order again.